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Valve actuator installation need to pay attention to what

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Maintenance valve actuator is included in the preparatory work before installation
Maintenance valve actuator is included in the preparatory work before installation, installation of pneumatic line valve, check valve pneumatic line after installation of pneumatic line valve maintenance.
Valve actuator corrosion phenomenon occurs during use. After microstructure analysis, staining test face, face trial heat treatment, SEM analysis and other tests found the key factor in corrosion material because the material along the grain boundary carbide precipitates formed chromium depleted zone valves, valve, closing valves, ball valves, resulting after installation, start the pneumatic line ball valve opening and closing several times, should be flexible operation, even by force, pneumatic line valve is working properly; piping pressure according to the design requirements, after detecting the pressure through pneumatic line valve and pipe flange combined sealing surface.
To ensure the pneumatic line valve mounting position in a coaxial position on the pipeline, the pipeline should be two parallel flanges, if you find the line can not withstand the weight of pneumatic line valve, before installing the pipeline with the appropriate support.
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