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Correct debugging method electric valve

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Electric valve actuators and valve from the valve supporting component electric valve for controlling the valve opening and closing
Electric valve actuators and valve from the valve supporting component electric valve for controlling the valve opening and closing. It can be remotely operated site operation. Valve electric device consists of motor, speed reducer and torque limiting mechanism, stroke control mechanism, a manual electric conversion mechanism, opening indication mechanism and an electric controller. Electric valve electric device, if properly adjusted, ranging from shortening the life of the valve; while in lead valve cast iron shell fracture, motor burned out and flooding control pumping stations and other serious accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety not ask off the water supply, we must carefully adjust the electric valve electric device to ensure the electric valve opens and closes smoothly.
    Adjust the torque limiting mechanism
Electric valve gate is used for a water pressure or pressure difference across the different torque limiting mechanism can be adjusted in different places. When electric valve gate at both ends of the direction of water pressure or low pressure difference between the places, the torque limiting mechanism should be adjusted to a lower torque, using HZ series, z series or ZB and bladder pod mushroom spring Zha pound stack Hz series switch when the moment limiting means, the adjusted value will require the greater torque, and vice versa small.
    Like more than a few series adjustment method. When adjusting ZD series of electric valve actuators, to remove the tank side cover, adjust the torque limiting mechanism, loosen the adjustment nut set screws, loosen the adjustment nut, relaxing moments spring button, and put the loosest position and then adjusting nut set screws tighten, hold the adjusting nut. Note that the top screws tight set must fall shaft groove is not exactly aligned with the shaft as the top slot, as long as the adjustment nut in the direction of compression of the spring rotated slightly to align the axial groove set screws. Then install the side cover, open the valve adjustment.
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